There was a time when the web was so simple. Start with a nav bar and clunky text, throw in some pixelated icons and voila - website! No one had yet used the words "geo-targeting" or "chatbot". It's all become much more complex. Take a deep breath, relax, and allow us to help steer your web dev journey.

Websites are composed of countless interdependent elements that work together to form a complete end product. Successful web projects are built using well-crafted content as their foundation and they organically build an audience via a sensible user experience. Because modern web users exist in a dense information environment they need all the help they can get to navigate the digital environment.

This is where a partner like THOR can help turn your ambitions into a tangible product. From our deep experience in the field we have developed opinionated ways to deliver successful digital projects and communications. The list of development phases below provide a guide to our methods and a top-level view of what you can expect in an engagement with THOR.

The Phases of a Website Project

Discovery. This process helps project participants level-set on expectations and allows our team to gain a general background of the organizations we partner with. We start this process with interviews and surveys to get a general sense of the competitive landscape. We include personas of key customers and constituencies, perform site audits, and make content strategy recommendations. At the end of the process our report summarizes the results of the discovery work and offers an illuminating and objective look at the overall organization. Learn more about the Discovery Process at THOR.

Architecture. THOR weaves information architecture through every phase of a given project. At the foundational level we develop data models based in the modular nature of modern websites. This allows us to mix content blocks together as needed to meet the needs of client content. We prototype these modular elements within the content management system to give clients a preview of how their content will appear and function in a live website. The process is iterative and collaborative as we build the product. Learn more about the Architecture Process at THOR.

Design and Development. Websites are interdisciplinary and for that reason, so is the workflow at THOR. We transition elements from the architecture phase directly into our design and development work by building prototypes and comps that put work in front of our clients as rapidly as it becomes available. We create staging sites for review, clickable prototypes for design approval, and collect feedback along the way. Learn more about the Design and Development at THOR.

Project Management. Behind the scenes, THOR manages our projects with agile methods that accelerate delivery by concentrating on the tasks at hand. For larger projects we utilize Github to maintain development momentum and Trello as a visionary planning device. Trello keeps everyone abreast of near- and long-term milestones. This pattern sprint-based implementation management and a birds-eye view of the overall project is the backbone of our process.  Learn more about Project Management at THOR.