PeopleForBikes Keep Riding

Deep campaign site built on a code free platform
Case Study

The PeopleForBikes Keep Riding campaign is a clear example of how far you can take a code free site. We use platforms of this sort for projects with rapid timelines and short to medium life spans.

The Keep Riding site is compact but wastes no space. Within the pages are maintenance videos, ride challenges, ambassadors, and dozens of curated rides.

Our web design tends toward a clean aesthetic, top-tier image choices, and sensible extensions of existing branding.
We added a dynamic people-centric portal to connect visitors to the site with local ride ambassadors.
The site is filled with inventive and colorful navigation to steer visitors to the content most of interest to them.
A database driven section of the site encourages visitors to join challenges that push them to increase their participation.
The site serves as a portal into the PeopleForBikes app via ride cards associated with ride types.
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