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Award-winning print redesign, ongoing print design, and illustration.
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Aerospace America

THOR works with AIAA to create the leading resource for astronautic and aeronautic industry coverage in both print and digital formats.

Technical Illustrations and Print Covers

Aerospace America is an award-winning print and digital publication serving the fast-paced global aerospace industry. In order to keep up with the constant evolution of this client's fast-paced industry, Aerospace America highly prioritizes illustrations of complex concepts. Visualizations enable ediors to show rather than tell. Because each print production cycle unfolds over the course of just two weeks, a method for rapidly executing these ideas is critical.

THOR designers identify existing available artwork from the public domain. Designers then take raw content from the editors to determine the basic building blocks of the illustration. With parameters set, our designers turn to our established style to create the initial illustration. This intake system, paired with our established styles, scales to virtually any concept. 

Over the years we have developed dozens of technical illustrations for a wide range of fascinating subjects. This includes hypersonic engines, 3D printing, satellite re-entry, airline design efficiency, x-ray technology, and trajectories of high-profile space missions.

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